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Деловой английский

Question 1:

To: All staff
From: HR Department
Please remember that your manager must agree any holiday dates before you complete a form.

Why is the HR department sending this email?
    to ask staff for some information
    to explain how something is done
    to tell managers about a problem

Question 2:

Agent required for nationwide distribution. Some experience in food retail an advantage. Refrigerated van provided.

Finefoods requires an agent to:
    own a suitable vehicle for delivery.
    be a specialist in food distribution.
    deliver goods all over the country.

Question 3:

Staff should tell Jane Fellows
    how many people have enrolled for the course.
    if they are interested in doing the course.
    which of the courses they have decided to do.

Question 4:

Phone Neil Smith at our showroom for a free quotation, or to arrange a visit from our representative.

Contact Neil Smith if you want to
    obtain information about the company’s prices.
    arrange a visit to the showroom.
    speak to a representative about special offers.
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